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Welcome to Chaotic Evolution 8)  A fun ,helpful ,family friendly gaming community.Chaotic Evolution formaly known as Defenders of the Realm was founded on EQOA (EverQuest Online Adventures) in 2003 on the Hodstock server. There it grew into a respected friendly raid force. .Now we are here on EQ2 and hope to grow into something not so different from EQOA.a FUN, ACTIVE ,HELPFUL ,FAMILY FRIENDLY Gaming community.  We enjoy questing ,grouping ,chatting,helping others in need and just having fun with any and all of the adventures that Norrath has to offer 8)  We are currently working on rebuilding our raid force.  We once raided 3 days a week and are now seeking others to fill our raid positions.In the mean time we enjoy doing Quests, Heroic and contested zones.We also have a great crafting area and alot of people with multiple crafters. Chaotic Evolution is run and managed by 2 Leaders (Gore & Haarsh) both are hard core players that have over 17 years of EverQuest adventuring under their belt..(although we dont know everything,our main intentions are for the guild and its guildies) We both come from Military backgrounds & are very organised. the hard core days are over for now,we are relaxed.and only want to enjoy and have a fullfiling game. We DO NOT recruit minors!!! However we do take on childen of active members where we will provide a safe,positive,productive enviornment for them to game in. NOTE: We ALL use voice client,so one would have to download this and have a working mic for active membership. We do welcome newcomers to the game,we specialize in teaching newbies the correct way to play the game rather than just power-leveling and killing lowend mobs. This way they will become a master of there class & the game in general. Think of us as a stepping stone Guild if you will,a permanent home for some & a place to get a great start and then move on for others. Thanx for reading Everyone!!! From all your friends @ CE. 8)   (Light Role Playing community)        

       Rules & Guidlines :

     1.) Respect your fellow guildies and ALL players of the game.

     2.) Do not get involved in any drama of any kind in world chat.  (Remember to always set a good example for our Guild)

     3.) Come into the game with a good attitude,leave your bad day at home.

     4.) Keep chat PG-13,there are children present.

     5.) Raid loot will be assigned by group/raid leader by using the DKP point system,then /ran 1000 for alts. 

     6.) Any SLRs will be divided equally with all participating group members.

     7.)If you are logged out for 7 days with no notice,you lose 1 rank.
         If you are logged out for 30 days with no notice,you lose all rank.

     8.) Please remember our Guild is a highly respected Guild on our server and is held by very high standards.
         Please be aware of your actions when dealing with the population so that we may set a great example for 
         our fellow guildies and players of all types.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Any violation of these rules or guidlines may result in termination of Guild membership!!!
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